Galento English Slogan


The criteria are divided in three sections: Candidates, Parents and Final Vote.
I. Candidates - Preliminary interview with candidates.
a. Students starting in Middle School through University. Age starting at 12 years.
b. Minimum GPA of 3.68 on a scale of 4 or 9.2 on a scale of 10 during their last 2 years of schooling.
c. Young adults with enthusiasm and energy to study.
d. The students must acknowledge the importance of education by being responsible young adults.
e. The students must come from a family with financial needs.

II. Candidates Parents - Preliminary interview with parents
a. We expect Parents to initiate values at home such as:
•Honesty •Responsibility •Love •Transparency
b. One of the Parents (either Mother or Father) must hold a job.
c. The Parents must be supportive of the program.
d. The Parents must be willing to help with home work as much as to their abilities. If they cannot help, they must motivate the students to finish each home work daily.
e. The Parents are responsible for the students punctuality.
f. The Parents must provide transport to the educational institution.
g. The Parents must participate in Parent-Teacher meetings as well as meetings with the Galento Board.
h. The Parents must motivate their other children to work hard at school, even if their other children are not being granted a scholarship by Galento.

III. Voting process

Socioeconomic study: This study is based on a profound investigation made by social workers that take into consideration the following aspects:
a. Family Values.
b. Total number of family members.
c. Visit to their home.
d. Grades on their living conditions.
e. Dimension of their home.
f. Number of rooms at their home.
g. Number of beds.
h. Number of cohabitants at the home.
i. Monthly average home income.

j. Type of job the parents hold.
k. Number of meals a day.
l. Number of cars the family owns.
m. Level of education of the Parents.
n. Level of education of siblings.