Galento English Slogan


The Foundation
Mexico is at a turning point in its history. Years of pseudo democracy have finally given way to a growing middle class which holds the future of the country in its hands through its responsible execution of its legal right to vote. A vote is both a right and a responsibility for if squandered this vote can cause as much harm as it does good. The only assurance Mexico has lies in its citizen’s ability to educate and be educated in order to responsibly exercise its legal right to vote. Mexico’s public school system, much like most of Latin America’s, is fraught with substandard, absentee, irresponsible attempts at teaching. With this said, we believe that one very well educated individual can have a greater impact than one with a mediocre education.

Our goal is to find those students who have excelled in the public school system and support them, socially, financially and morally, in gaining access to superior scholastic opportunities which will reward their hard work with the hope to go to college, to gain a better life for themselves, their family and their country.

Galento Foundation recently became a formal AC in Mexico but has been operating since 2006. The Non-profit presently has four students enrolled at El Camino School in Pedregal. Antonio Martinez Castro is one of them and has been part of the program for 3 years and has recently entered his sophomore year of High School. Galento provides scholarships for young adults starting in 7th grade and continues giving scholarship’s to the recipients, if their Grade Point Average continues (as required by the committee), until they receive their university degree.

The mission of the scholarship program is to provide the opportunity to gifted students that do not have the opportunity, due to socioeconomic challenges, to obtain the best education possible.

To help the best students attend world class caliber education institutions and foster responsibility and commitment, thus ensuring the continued success of the program and the advancement of Mexico.

The foundation is to be governed by its statutes as set forth in its constitution. In summary, a Director’s Council are entrusted to carry on the all the duties pertinent to Galento.

The 2-year positions on the Director’s Council are:
• President • Secretary • Treasurer • Vocal

Values & Objectives

1. Create awareness of the importance of education in our society.
2. Better the quality of life of young adults through education.
3. Be mentors and friends to young adults that need a good example, with a strong focus on education advice.
4. Help young adults go to private institutions to learn and study and better their education level.

• Honesty • Responsibility • Diversity • Improvement
• Teamwork • Empowerment • Collaboration • Independence
• Security • Challenge • Dedication • Transparency

Funds Management
The fund management functions of Galento are carried out by the Treasurer to include accounting supervision. The accounting is carried out by an independent third party. Audits will be conducted as required by law.