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Galento has many sponsorship opportunities. We are sure one will meet your needs to help education!
1. Sponsor "Galento": This is a sponsor who undertakes economic contributions for a specific amount that will help cover: school registration, tuition, uniforms, school supplies, classes and other expenses related specifically with school.
2. "Mentor" Sponsor: This sponsor’s task is to contribute towards the ongoing formation of the young adult by being a mentor. Help can be contributed by assisting the student with his homework, providing private tutoring classes for a specific subject or exam, artistic education, sports or any type of help that will benefit the overall education of the scholar.

3. "Donation in kind" Sponsor: This type of sponsorship is for those who wish to donate anything in kind like books, School supplies, uniforms, stationery, backpacks, copies, glasses, computers, etc. Any material tool that can help the student perform their school activities more effectively.
4. Governmental Sponsor: This sponsorship comes from a public entity which provides a financial contribution that directly benefits the student or his/her parents to assure that all school supplies and needs are being met accordingly.
5. Voluntary Sponsor: Individuals who contribute their time to perform administrative, fundraising or organizational tasks.
6. Financial Loans: College tuition will have a debt component which can be payable by cash with a small interest or through work provided by the foundation.

Current Sponsors

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